Arth Detroja

Can bamboo be our new friend against global warming?

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Can you guess the deforestation rate?

Between 2015-2020, it was 10 million hectares per year.

And the afforestation rate is negligible compared to it. You may wonder…what can I do? Everyone can’t have a tree in his backyard.

The solution: bamboo.

Some of bamboo’s properties include:

  • Bamboo plantations grow well in hot to warm temperate climatic conditions.
  • It grows fast — it only takes 30 days to grow for edible purposes, 6 months for weaving works, 1 year for handicrafts, 2+ years for furniture, 3–4+for construction.

Also, during its growth, it absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide, about 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

Guys, bamboo can be the superhero that can save our planet from poisonous gasses.

I am sure after reading this, you will check out bamboo.

Let’s go green!



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