Everyone has heard of wills.

However, how many know about living trusts? In fact, until recently, I never knew they existed. So what exactly Is a living trust you may ask. Put simply, It is a written legal document that partially
replaces a will. Will you need one though? That’s the question many people find hard to answer.

Unless you have assets or children, living trusts are probably not the best option. However, if you have significant assets, living trusts allow you to remain in control of your assets and manage them according to your wishes. You an also name…

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Week 1 Report

Here’s summary of what happenend this weekend in the tech #starutps in funding space. Let’s cover the “”baby bloomers””

Anaek, a SaaS startup got Seed funded. MagicPin (HyperlocalDelivery) got a SeedFund of $1Mn. Foodmemories (OnlineFood MarketPlace) bagged a Seed round. Congrats+ Healthi.IN (PreventiveHealth) based in Bangalore got Seed. Kuvera (Online Finance Planning) startup based in Blore got an Seed Funding of 1.6 crores.

Healthcare is booming….

PharmEasy from Mumbai got funded by Bessemer Ventures + 5 others. And, another startup called Wellthy.care (Diabetics) based in Mumbai got PE deal of 13.7 crores. MedGenome…

There are many organized looters I hate, which are listed as STARTUPS* This is a post dedicated all such startups which ride on man’s weakness, the very foundation on which these startups thrive. Their growth show how weak our society has bent their tunes. And, how man is loosing his basics!


Matrimony.com. Every Minnenial hates it. Forget religions, but CASTE is our society’s biggest sin! Take one close look at how this business has profited by splitting people into castes. SHAME this company is now in IPO. A number of factors such as financial considerations come into the picture…

Finding the good water is an uphill task in a country like India. Tap water quality is far away from the expected standards and purification plants are still distant and few in number. With the pollution levels rising and the changing climate every few kilometers, inquiring for a water purifier price is necessary in the modern times.

Various impurities reside in your tap water. While we can argue about their varying quantities, which differ from region to region, all these cannot be spotted by the naked eye. …

If you’re interested in buying a home, you’ve probably thought about how many bedrooms you want, the general are in which you want to live, whether you want a large yard, and many other considerations. However, you may not have taken the time to consider whether you’d like to live in a community governed by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA).

These entities collect dues every month in exchange for enforcing the community’s rules and maintaining common areas such as green space or swimming pools. …

Niche marketing is one of the hottest and simplest ways to start earning money on the Internet. The simplicity of getting started, and the speed with which you can start earning make It one of the best online money making methods for beginners and experienced marketers alike. Turnkey niche websites give marketers a ready-made solution to take advantage of the huge number of profitable niches with large online audiences. Here are the three simple steps you can take in order to start profiting with turnkey niche websites and niche marketing today.

Step 1: Get a top quality niche website

Get a top quality niche website (or preferably sites…

When it comes to massively increasing the promotional power of your business, an affiliate program is an essential tool. Businesses of all sizes have benefited from affiliate programs that allowed them to recruit an army of advertisers. with a broad array of websites promoting a product, a business can gain vast amounts of traffic, leads, and brand recognition. Running an affiliate program Is harder than you may think, though, with large organizations operating dedicated teams. However, it is still possible for smaller businesses to find success, but it is vital that a number of strategies are followed. …

Building your public profile as a real estate agent is paramount to generating leads. Sometimes it can seem like real estate is a saturated market, and there’s nothing that can really help you stand out. Stop walling for referrals from former clients and get proactive. Creating a profile is an easy way to get in front of potential clients. Allow is kind of like social media for real estate agents. On allow you make a public profile that helps potential buyers find your services. Here are a few ways the allow can help you with your marketing.

Get Reviews

Chances are, your…

From lone-wolf mavericks to visionary thought leaders, all successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common the desire to work the hours needed to win the business game. It’s almost a badge of honor to spend every waking moment driving your business on, and while there’s no doubt that any startup needs plenty of loving attention to be a success, sometimes It’s better for an entrepreneur to take a step back and spend a little time away. Rather than being a sign of low commitment or diminished drive, this can actually boost the success of your business in many important ways.

Restore Mental Clarity

If you’re like most of us, there will be times when you just don’t feel like your usual self. Maybe you have lost your energy and enthusiasm for things you normally like. Or you might not feel like being sociable, but you are unable to pinpoint why you are out of sorts. Almost all of us experience the blues occasionally, with most of us feeling better within a few days or a week. But what causes us to feel down In the first place, especially when we can’t see any reasons for feeling glum?

Depression, for one reason or another…


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