The Art Of The Heal; The People’s Gift to Trump

An Atlanta art sanctuary initiates groundbreaking project to gift the White House with more than 100,000 pieces of original art from all areas of the region on July 4th, 2017.

Along with this great endeavor, a grand art march is set to culminate in front of the White House Lawn on America’s Independence Day.

Everyone can agree that Donald Trump’s Presidency is undoubtedly the most controversial one in recent history. There is worry and division across the nation that is ripping its people apart sparking a need for healing and common ground. Here’s a creative solution that hopes to do that.

Cleverly named after Trump’s famous “The Art of the Deal” book, “The Art of the Heal” is a non-partisan, grassroots project that intends to join ordinary people from all walks of life in a giant display of self and communal expression.

The objective of this project is to open people’s hearts and provide a space in which they can freely articulate their emotions regarding Trump’s recent Presidency; good, bad, ugly or great. The aim is to get everyone to ‘paint their hearts out’ as a more effective tool to better understanding.

Here’s how they are going to do it:

  • The HealiUm Arts Center in Atlanta will launch their proposal for art centers, non-profits, social advocacy groups,schools, religious centers, and individuals all around the country to create art over the course of around three months beginning March 22, 2017.
  • Art submissions are simple & easy. There is a specific schedule that can be found online in which every participant must adhere to so that the project can have the most effect.
  • Along with the timeline for shipping & delivery, there are few guidelines to ensure the art can be clearly recognized as part of the same cause, giving light to the solidarity of the project.

“This is the people’s gift to Trump, straight from the heart. Creative expression in necessary for a healthy society. Art is not only healing but it is a gateway into people’s souls. When we are free to create without fear of judgment or recoil, our voices can be heard. It engages minds and brings people together,” says Jim Peera, the founder of the project. Peera’s vision is to deliver over 100,000 pieces of art to the White House that have been created by the melting pot of America. The July 4th march will not only feature even more art, but also the faces and the stories behind their pieces.

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