a digital escape

online, someone’s always gonna say you did something wrong

“be patient for recognition, you haven’t been waiting long”
“keep trying,” but how do you keep thinking when no thoughts come lifelong?

but how do you join if you never belong?
waiting for social media acceptance, when you’ve come so far along?
you must “stand your ground,” but sometimes you’ll give in
you might cheat if you truly want to win

and then the criticism comes back in full force
as if you thought the digital world had any remorse
“how is this original? you didn’t put your own spin!”
and you lose your mind in all the din
time and time again you try to start over, but on the map you’re just a pin

to them, nothing you do is right
and you wonder if trying is worth it with all your might
your goal is to conquer without having to fight
but it’s so hard to be strong when you flee from fright
and when it’s dark in your head, it’s a struggle to find the light

so you try again in this digital complex

but how do you yell without having to shout
and amongst the others, you can’t determine what anything’s about
how can you be convinced of your worth without having some doubt
it’s so hard to stay alive in this deadly bout.

shouldn’t you wonder if you can ever get out?
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