falling in love

I am falling in love with the twiddling of your fingers
the way you make my neck relax
the fact that I never sigh in pain around you
the fact you understand everything I’m going through 
with just a glance

how you appreciate everything I do 
when I don’t appreciate myself
the peace your presence provides
even as a statue you would do wonders for me
a guiding presence who will never forget
even the most trivial of my contributions

I am falling in love with the fluff of your hair
the calmness its softness provides
your quirky habits that somehow I’m obsessed with
your concentration face that never ceases to entertain
your coffee-stained smile that never ceases to charm

how your rimmed glasses cast shadows on the 
words you’ve written for me
the company you’re always willing to give
the hugs I never knew I needed
the smallest of gifts with the largest of hearts

I am falling in love with your all-black clothes
and colorful personality, your endless jokes
the hours spent thinking of you and writing for you
just as you’ve been writing for me

how my comfy sweaters fit you
and your jacket smells of the outdoors and the
scent of your cologne that I can’t quite describe
how walks with you are way too short
and the goodbyes way too long

I am falling in love with the way 
you make me feel,
through days good and bad,
through times I never knew I needed you
and all the times you knew I did

I am falling for you in ways I never knew existed
and I hope you feel the same

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