love loves you when you are unlovable.
J.A. Carter-Winward

This line actually inspired a poem that I thought I’d share:

Foreseeing a future yet untold,

Remembering the memories as they unfold,

Discovering the world, as time tolled.

Flipping the pages of the scrapbook of life,

Through love, through hardship, through strife.

Inside your heart, which is stronger: the pen or the knife?

Always told to be unique, be yourself, be you.

Anything anyone says, we believe it to be true.

Follow your mind, wherever it will guide you.

“We relate,” they say. “We feel your pain.”

They never have to go through it again.

For them, it’s neither a loss nor a gain.

Filled with twists, turns,

Meandering through brush, through ferns.

The path of life, the trail it burns.

The reel that catches, that unwinds, on the screen.

Emptying all your thoughts, for the onlookers, to be seen.

Only you will ever know what is real, and what is a dream.