Every little thing you know about yourself had to be put in ,to build a beautiful relationship…Ahh when i say this it just means any relationship…can be your Dad..Mom…Ur spouse…Friends…colleagues…even a stranger you meet on a street walk …

Before all this, many of us doesnt know what exactly “A Relationship” means., Is it someone just staying connected with you? No…or Is it someone who takes care of you right from wheneva you want?? Again its a “No”…Its just a bond that you build with someone without expecting anything in return.

But in today’s busy lives most of the people don’t have time or space to pause for some minutes and recollect about their life happenings…You would come across every emotions that’s available on this earth, which would again be a temporary one. Anyways its just categorized as GOOD FEELING AND BAD FEELING . I mean its not worth it even to analyse any of it …Not many would even remember their best buddies name…they would even forget to recollect what was their favorite hang out place when they were at the age of 10…As one grow their responsibility gets higher and higher and higher…which would naturally end up the way i have mentioned, but then there will be a day when you wrap up all your responsibilities …Bringing up your kids, settling them, getting retired after running for so many years without breathing…like not even going out for a good vacation as you still wanna earn money as that comes as an obvious priority..,and that one final day comes and when you ask yourself …”What have i done to myself right now??” and your answer is going to be “nothing”.

i have come across a lot of people saying this…I mean “its OK to live a life in seeing others happy but its not OK to give up every little happiness of yours to someone there” …Have a life with no regrets, meet a lot of new faces, know a lot of things beyond your head, you have just got one life to live …

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