13 Reasons Why I Spent Most Of May Amazoning

Arthi Ramesh
May 26, 2017 · 6 min read

#1 It all began the day Maxx’s itchy skin began to bother him. We had already been to the vet who had prescribed some allergy shots and a medicated dog shampoo that would help with the constant scratching. It seemed to settle for a few weeks before it began to bother him again. Maybe it was the weather which was soaring upwards of 40C. I didn’t want to go back to the vet, instead I decided to look up information online to see if I could find a home remedy.

When I am lost, I trust Google to show me the way.

I clicked on a few links the search threw up and learnt that aromatherapy oils helped calm itches and allergies of the skin of dogs. My next search, on the ever helpful search engine, for information on where I could procure these essential oils, lead me to visit the online shopping portal of Amazon. I found all the oils I needed for treating skin reactions in dogs starting from Cinnamon, Basil, Lavender to Cedarwood. I ordered a bottle of each.

That buying decision began a cascade of other buying decisions I made over a period of two weeks.

#2 The lady who offers spa services at home recommended that I use a branded facial kit for my skin. I had picked one off the shelf from the local neighborhood store the first time. I was due for another treatment in a few weeks and I needed another kit. On Amazon, I got the same kits for a discounted price and I made a hefty saving. Instead of ordering one pack, I ordered four.

I also found that “people who ordered these facial kits also ordered herbal bleach kits made of rose petals and cucumber”. Of course, I needed them too if that was going to help with the final outcome of the spa treatment.

The next day, when I learnt of the Great Indian Sale, I kept a browser tab open with the Amazon home page.

I looked for wants to be fulfilled, gifts to be bought, occasions to be celebrated and other reasons to commemorate, before the sale closed.

#3 Muthu, my Man Friday had been talking wistfully about joining a gym to pump some iron and tone up. Even though I had offered to pay his monthly membership at a local gym near his home, he hadn’t found one that worked for him. A fabulous offer on a 20 kg dumbbells kit looked too good to pass and I decided to buy a set for Muthu to work out at home.

And how was he going to weight train if he didn’t own a piece of gym equipment called a bench?

Elementary, Dr. Watson. Amazon to the rescue!

#4 My soon to graduate high schooler never asks me to shop for anything for her. However, she requested for something special to be bought for her English teacher at school, who told them the inspiring Starfish story about making a difference. She added that she had found the perfect gift — a pair of starfish shaped earrings in sterling silver — on Amazon. Would I say no?

#5 An idea planted by a friend who discusses fitness related topics with me, found fruition during the Great Indian sale. I got a great deal on an imported brand of stove top grill in which I can roast vegetables and protein laden paneer.

I am trying hard to shed some weight that I have gained in the last six months due to some bad lifestyle choices I have made. But, more on that later.

#6 As luck would have it, we celebrated Mother’s day the same week of the sale. And Amazon had an exciting range of cotton sarees and khadi silks to suit my budget and then some. Pushpa, my helper is a mom too and I wanted her to feel special that she was being celebrated as well.

I am convinced that I am a pretty good judge of quality of products sold online. Eight saris arrived over the span of the next three days, each one pleasing to the eye, touch and feel.

#7 Chennai’s scheduled power cuts couldn’t have been announced at a better time. My 21.5 inch iMac blinked every time the power failed even before the generator back up could kick in. What it needed was a stable 1100VA 230V back up power supply. I did not have to look too far.

#8 Can you guess how many bottles of water gets guzzled in summer especially when we have six people, a dog and two full time helpers at home?

Filling emptied bottles turns out to be a full time job.

We needed extra bottles to be kept refrigerated for chilled water or juice for weary exhausted visitors too. Amazon to the rescue!

#9 Every morning I stop at a kiosk for a cup of tea on my way back from walking Maxx. I chat with the man who mans the kiosk on what’s up on the street, the weather, traffic or anything interesting that comes up every now and then. I found out that he was going home to celebrate his daughter’s coming of age with his family back in the village. I wanted to send his daughter something special to celebrate her rite of passage. Amazon suggested a wrist watch and I ordered one.

#10 Maxx and I love to rest in a breezy corridor at our condominium post our morning walks. That is a time I offer him a drink of water from a collapsible silicone water bowl (also procured on Amazon in February) I carry on me in my sling bag. One day of that week of the sale on Amazon, I lost the bowl — I had forgotten to put the bowl back in my bag after Maxx quenched his thirst. When I questioned the security guards about it, they claimed to have seen it but hadn’t been thoughtful to keep it safe till I came looking for it later.

I wallowed in pity for a few hours before I realized that I could do something about it. Instead of one I ordered two similar bowls — so that I didn’t have to feel awful if one of them gets lost or misplaced again.

#11 A few weeks back, I attempted to step up my cardio game with aqua aerobics. My niece and I hit the pool every evening for an hour and taught ourselves some rhythmic moves using YouTube videos.

At the end of ten days, I had acquired more than just great balance.

I had a condition called Metatarsalgia, that needed a doctor’s intervention. Amazon suggested that I wear Metatarsal pads with gel support for pain relief when I looked up for products that can help relieve pain on my metatarsals.

While I was ordering that, I also ordered a knee support for my damaged patella.

#12 The University to which our daughter is admitted asked for immunisation information before she starts her term in fall this year. I wanted a print out of the form that they sent to us to take to the vaccine consultant at a local booster doses clinic which is when I found out that our home printer, the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3636, needed a new printer cartridge. I got a good deal on the cartridge on Amazon that week.

#13 The only impulse buys in my entire month of buying on Amazon was that of three decal stickers for plain boring walls — a floral decal for the corridor wall of my house, an underwater creatures decal for someone in my workplace who had a new born girl and dancing African stick figures decal for my daughter’s college dorm wall.


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