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A Morning At The Hospital

Free Verse Poetry For Fun!

I sat between Podiatry and Endoscopy, leaning against a wall,

The nurse on duty had said, ‘ Wait for me to call!’.

My husband was having a colonoscopy, to be precise

‘Let us investigate your intestines’, was the doctors advice.

The cheese and egg sandwich over coffee, did not last

The weather outdoors was cloudy and overcast

I still had an hour to wait with nothing to do,

They said he needed that much time, to come to.

I sat in the corridor and observed people instead

That day was born, the idea of this thread.

‘How can I help you?’, said the girl cheerfully, a hundred times

To anxious people who looked like they had committed crimes.

She helped them check in with gadgets, not pen and paper,

The radio plays a male voice, barely audible, but dapper.

The door pops open, the assistant calls a name,

‘Ashlyn?’ She says to a girl, timid and tame.

To the adult next to her, ‘Are you the mom?’, said she

‘You can come in too or would you rather be?

The click of the heels of someone walking by,

The rustling pages of the newspaper nearby,

A child’s voice as she whispers goodbye,

Are all surprisingly calming, like a lullaby.

I see relief on patient's faces as they leave,

A woman is smiling, holding her husband’s sleeve.

‘You are good to go! Have a great weekend!’, says a voice,

That helps even the really sick, gain back their poise.

People speak in hushed voices and walk on carpeted floors,

The only noises I hear are from the radio and the doors.

That was the ambience at the clinic as I sat there that day,

As the skies outside were going darker and grey.

My attention strayed to a wall that had a cheerful floral painting,

While Gin Blossoms on the radio sang, ‘ I won’t keep you waiting’.

I wondered why they played tunes that were sad and poignant,

I yearned for music that was cheerful and flamboyant.

‘Arti? He did very well!’, said the nurse approaching me,

Just as I got up to stretch my stiff, aching knee.

‘I was with him through the procedure’, she assured me sweetly,

And she walked me to his bed side, very discreetly.

‘Look who is here!’, she asked him, as if speaking to a doggie,

As he fluttered his eyes open and looked at me, groggy.

She introduced herself before she exited smartly,

‘I am Stacie. The doctor will be with you shortly!

A touchscreen monitor showed some readings in green,

ECG, BP and Pulse were the numbers I could glean.

A half bottle of saline, multiple tubes on the floor,

Oblivious to this, he continued to softly snore.

Minutes later he began to toss and turn,

Where he was, he began to discern.

‘Can I bring you something to drink? Sprite on ice?’

Offered the nurse, who was friendly and nice.

The gastroenterologist showed up momentarily,

He shook hands with me, very professionally.

‘We sent a sample of your inners to the lab’

His face eerily reminded me of a crab.

The Sprite seemed to have helped him well,

He regained his sense of sight and smell.

It was akin to finally turning sober,

He smiled at me, as I called for an Uber.