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My Writing Practice — Part 3

One of the seven lessons to inspire great writing in the book, ‘The Virginia Woolf Writers’ Workshop’ is titled Walking. The author says that when you go on a walk, the sounds, smells, colors and people who pass by you could inspire you to write a story or a poem.

I used that as a writing spark for my third assignment and composed a free verse poem. I have not followed any rules of poetry except for attempting to make the end of every verse rhyme with the previous line. The last time I wrote poetry, I was seventeen! Given that I am attempting poetry after thirty three years, expect it to be nonconforming to standard poetry writing. All in fun!

The Third Piece:

Poem: A Spring Outing

On a cold grey Thursday morning I jogged to the bus station,

On Walnut and 3rd, the shuttle shows up said the information.

My stomach was light, avocado and roasted nuts, don’t make a heavy meal,

Heavy breakfasts were a thing of the past, they made my stomach squeal.

Even though it is Spring, the weather is still chilly and cold,

To step out without a jacket or ear muffs, you have to be really bold.

The D-Line pulled up just in time before I turned blue,

That I came from Chennai to here, no one had a clue.

The free downtown shuttles, if you do not know,

Is a transport used by the homeless, I do too though.

It gets me to where I have to go and that is not very far,

To The Y, to practice Yoga ‘cause I don’t drive a car.

I love Toni’s classes, not just the stretches and bends,

But also the many blessings with which she always ends.

I signed up for the spring challenge to win a T-shirt,

Twenty group classes by April end, I will finish for cert.

I don’t ride the shuttle but walk on my way back,

It helps me reach the step count that everyday I track.

I stop at the local grocer for coffee or a lunch,

And to pick some stuff for the house, often based on hunch.

When I stepped-in the smell of cooked food wafted in the air,

Either that or fresh salad, the option was always there.

For lunch I chose baked vegetables that floated in melted cheese,

The pizzas looked tempting, but I had the LCHF Goddess to please.

I look for free samples of fresh cookies or baked bread,

A teensy bit of sugary treat keeps me satisfied and fed.

‘Did you find everything you are looking for’ asks a friendly voice,

‘Of course I did, thank you for asking’ I say pleasantly with poise.

Then I look for farm produce to take home with me,

Picking up low carb ingredients is always the key.

Automated misting sprays may keep the greens afresh,

By the time I take them out to cook, they are a soggy mess!

At the counter as I queue up to pay for my purchases,

A gentleman fumbles with his card, ahead of me a few places.

‘Would you buy a bar of chocolate for a dollar’ asks the clerk from his seat,

‘It’s to fund diabetic research’, he adds without missing a beat.

I chuckle to myself at what I hear and soon it is my turn,

The clerk was just doing his job, marketing to earn.

He smiles and nods at me as I pay my bill,

I say, ‘If it is unsweetened and dark, I probably will!’

I could write a poem like this every day of that I am sure,

All of this came from my heart, simple and pure.

Thank you all you people who have read this verse so far,

In my book of evaluation, you are a rock star!

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