The Day At The Doctors Office

I spent a whole day preparing myself mentally for what I was about to get into. I read, downloaded podcasts, watched videos, asked questions and assimilated all the information about the program.

I had an appointment for the 6th of October with the doctor but I decided to start two days ahead of the appointment.

I bullet proofed my coffee (I hated the first cup of bullet proof coffee I fixed), ate some raw nuts with raisins ( which incidentally is not allowed), an omelet for breakfast, skipped rice at lunch but had the accompaniments in a bowl and followed something similar at dinner.

This went on for two days.

The doctor had asked me to bring along some blood reports with details of my Fasting and Post Prandial Insulin, Lipid Profile, Fasting and Post Prandial Glucose, TSH and HbA1C.

I have been on prescription drugs for nearly six years now with generous dosages of Metformin for insulin resistance, Statins for my bad cholesterol and Levothyroxin to regulate my Thyroid hormone. I had just gotten all of them tested a few months back and so did not repeat the tests.

The doctor took a note of the readings on my blood test and the medication I was on, checked my weight and blood pressure.

Doc: Do you know that your diet is going to be severely restricted?
Me: Yes sir.
Doc: I would like for you to watch the videos on YouTube to understand my approach. ( He advocates a Low Carb High fat diet to reverse Type 2 Diabetes)
Me: I already have sir.
Doc: Also look up the works by these doctors ( He marked me a list of titles that were printed at the back of my consultation record)
Please meet the dietitian after you are done here. You can stop the Metformin and Statin from the first day of your diet. I have reduced the dosage of Levothyroxin as well. See me in six weeks with another blood report showing Fasting and Post Prandial Blood Sugar and TSH.

And I was done.

I have been consulting endocrinologists and diabetologists for six years now and every one of them have either changed the drug or increased the strength of the drug but never remotely hinted that I could be off them.

I followed up with a dietary counselling by a #LCHF practitioner who gave me the low down on the foods that I must include and the foods I had to avoid.

Later that evening when I got home, I was feeling a little tired and overwhelmed. My sugar levels may have been low having had a carb restricted meal plan for two days already and I hadn’t begun to ‘up’ my fat intake. Overwhelmed too with the list of foods that I had to avoid.

Was I going to be up for the challenge? Without a doubt! If it meant that I was going to be off my medication, I was sure as hell going to follow the doctor’s orders.

PS: Here are a few videos you may find interesting.

Why avoid carbohydrates?

Understanding Insulin

The Two Big Lies about Diabetes

Disclaimer: The advice I have shared in my blog post is not generic. If you would like to get started on the #LCHF, please consult a physician.

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