Thirteen and counting

A few of my friends have asked me a very pertinent question. These are people who have read some of my recent posts. They want to know ‘when did I realize that I could write this well’. When did you know you had the potential? Who pointed it out to you? I wish I had a philosophical answer and leave them with some really deep thoughts to ponder about. Sadly, that is not the case. I began blogging when my daughter was four. I called my first blog Toddlerspeak and it was first hosted on Blogger. I switched to Wordpress some years later. My initial blog posts were all conversations with my four year old. Nothing creative. I wrote as it happened.

What can you blog about a four year old?

I was hoping you would ask me that. A quick run through my posts from the year 2003 in my first ever blog will tell you that a four year old has passion, imagination, addictions, lessons to teach about love, dreams, fascinations, trepidations, bathroom conversations and much more. I diligently kept an account of all the life lessons I was learning for free from my child, for seven years. When she became a tween I moved to my second blog Tweenspeak and I continued to write about what she was like from the time she was ten till she turned (the dreaded) thirteen. Then I stopped blogging. About her. It seemed to me then that all our conversations were actually fights and I was afraid that I would tarnish the image of this lovely child for posterity if I inked it online. I didn’t want memories of her difficult tween years and feel sad. I realize now that I was distraught and didn’t know to step back and view that period of my life without being affected emotionally. There was so much potential and I didn’t use it well.

Meanwhile, to combat the stress of having a teen in the house, I began to blog under Utterly Miscellaneous. (I sporadically wrote some posts in there from year 2006). About six years of content exists in my third blog. I also attempted to blog about my expat life in Singapore, began an ESL blog (when I was an English language trainer) and a food blog (I love to cook) but I was never able to keep them constantly updated with content.

In June 2015 I stopped writing. My writing ‘career’ was officially over. I wasn’t fretting over it. I had other things that kept me busy so I didn’t miss it much.

Some of my well wishers insist that I have to write a book someday. Much as I want to gloat in the pride of an evaluation that makes people think *I have it in me*, I am not convinced I can write an entire book.

My dear friend and colleague Nair has been very supportive of my need to write and express my thoughts. He introduced me to Medium sometime in the year 2012 when it first launched. I was still actively blogging on Wordpress then. I signed up for an account but never got here to look around or write. This year after I had moved back and settled down comfortably to routines, he challenged me to write. So I restarted what I thought was a passion that was I was done with. How can you ever be done with writing!

I am happy when I write in my blog. I know it makes my mom happy. And a few others. I still don’t think I am writing as well as I should be. My best work is yet to come. I do want to continue honing the skill. I have started the #The100DayWritingProject to get back to what I love doing and I hope I succeed.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement!

PS: I am not a creative writer. I haven’t written anything fictitious ever.

PS-2 : In my opinion, what makes a good writer is a good reader.



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