Why After, Why Not Before?

When I regularly wrote on my blog, I knew I had a handful of readers among my group of friends and acquaintances. When I shared a link to the newest post on Medium, I had an assured number of likes and comments from these same friends. Some of them made insightful observations, some others shared a ‘like’. It was only after I stopped writing for a considerable length of time, I realized that I had more readers than I believed I had.

Why didn’t you tell me that you enjoyed reading my posts when I was writing regularly, instead of telling me how much you missed my posts after I stopped writing them?

It takes all kinds of people to make this world doesn’t it. Have you met people who derive extreme pleasure telling you that the movie you missed was the best movie ever made or the place that you missed visiting while you were on that expensive vacation was the best location on planet Earth?

Have you experienced being told that you had the best hair style after you decided to chop off your locks?

Have you been told that you got a bad deal on the furniture after you disposed the furniture to the only buyer who wanted them despite your many weeks of effort to find someone to sell it to?

‘Oh I didn’t know you were selling your beautiful teak table. Had I known I would have paid you twice the price you got for it’.

My ma recalls a time when she was on a holy trip to a temple town with a group of people. Their first attempt to visit the temple was a rushed affair. The queues were long and arduous and they barely got to lay their eyes on the worshipped idol before they were hushed out. A few of them went back to the sanctum in the wee hours of the next morning. My ma opted to sleep in since she was exhausted. When the group returned after their second trip into the temple, they claimed that she had missed the most blessed darshan of the day and how lucky they were and how cursed her luck was.

I am taking a lesson from such people.

I vow to appreciate what people do when they are actively doing it, approve their hair style decisions, assure them that the movie they missed was nothing to write home about and that they can always catch it on telly or stream it online, applaud them for disposing furniture under such market conditions, exclaim that their vacation pictures seem like they are from the best part of the country they went to and make no bones about how my stars were aligned when I went back for a second dekko at the idol of worship.

Or maybe I will opt to sleep in, like my ma did.



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