Read the Top 7 Latest Android M Tips and Hidden Features

If you are new to the Android you will be eager to start using and try out all the new features and the new functionalities that your mobile features. And with the latest Android M where M stands for Marshmallow it might just be a better version of the Lollipop. In this post you will learn all the latest tips and tricks which will be helpful for you to get lot better use out of your operating system.

In this post we have pulled out 10 useful “Android M tips and tricks” which can improve the experience you have while using an Android Marshmallow device. These steps might differ from one android device to another device, but it will surely make a difference in the experience of the device usage.

1) Better use of the RAM

  • The RAM is a very important part of all the powers given by the Android Marshmallow on all the Android devices.
  • Just go to the “Settings” then to “Memory” then to “Memory used by apps” where you will be seeing a list of all the apps which holds the maximum memory space in your Smartphone.
  • You can use this tool to know the amount of RAM that is used more than it should be used by any of the apps.

2) Give Permissions for App Usage

  • The latest android will now let you manage the app permissions individually without having to take any help from the developers.
  • To use the app permission just go to the “Settings” then to “Apps” and then you can select individual apps to see the permissions.
  • You can flip the switch to change the setting of permissions.

3) Lot of Battery settings

  • The new feature in the Marshmallow names the “Doze” allow the Smartphone to hibernate by itself when it is inactive for some time, but all the functions will be working properly like alarm, phone calls, notifications etc.
  • You can also use the battery saving mode like the Lollipop when you feel like the device is using a lot of batteries.

4) Remove the unwanted apps from Home Screen

  • In the Android Marshmallow you can now uninstall any app on the home screen just by long pressing it and then uninstall it.

5) The Developer Options Settings

  • You can access the Developer options easily by going to the “Settings” then to the “About Phone” and then tap the builder number till a pop up notifies saying that you are now a developer.
  • You can see all the developer options which are listed right above the About Phone where you can enable the USB debugging, OEM Unlocking or show touches, animations and many other tips which will be given.

6) Associate the Links

  • The latest Android Operating system will allow you to automatically associate a lot of apps of your wish with different types of links.
  • You can set links like a Twitter link as default app than picking up all the time from the list of apps.
  • You can associate certain links with any app you like.
  • Just go to the “Settings” then to Apps and tap the overflow menu where you can switch the settings for apps that you want to automatically stop links from many domains.

7) Use Google from Lock Screen

  • The Google now has replaced the screen short cut for the dialer and now you can also use the Google now to call anyone by speaking.
  • You can use the Google Now ready to use from the bottom of the lock screen and will receive all your voice commands.

Well the new features that you can use the Latest Android M are much more than the above-given list of special functionalities that you will find in it. Let just wait for its release around the globe and we get our hands into it to know what all we were missing to know about it.