What do all those groups you identify as having bias, I would add “contempt”, for President Trump…
Rick Fischer

Do you know the people who do the most for Trump’s “forgotten” men and women?

They aren’t real estate moguls or corporate CEOs or investment bankers. Those successful folks aren’t inherently bad people, but they have dedicated their lives to maximizing their bottom line. They might give to charity, and they may not have hate in their hearts, but their priority is themselves. That’s not evil, but it doesn’t deserve the applause it gets nowadays.

However, there are people whose names you don’t know that decided to make a difference. They are public school teachers, social workers, and cops. They are scientists and lawyers that chose government work over a lucrative private sector career. They’re on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. They are the people trying to get a park built and keep libraries open. They are doing more with less because we’ve systematically underfunded our society for decades. They are holding our small towns and cities together as best they can.

Not everyone who works in the media is on TV, and the truth is most journalists make less than the average Trump voter, as you can see here. When people rail at fat cat public sector pensions, those pensions are there to give some security to people who are never going to be rich for serving their communities. Are you aware that most of the intel agencies, the FBI and government agencies are staffed with people who don’t make six figure salaries?

Those are the elites you’re sneering at. Those are the elites you want to fire so badly because they don’t spend enough time flattering you the way Trump does. They don’t need to flatter you. They’re too busy trying to help. And that’s why they might not like Trump. A man who was singularly devoted to enriching himself demonizes a class of people for trying to serve their community. It’s easy to sneer at people for not solving a problem when you’ve never tried solving it yourself.

Not all of them are heroes. But the vast majority of workaday journalists and civil servants aren’t trying to starve your communities of resources to ensure that financial elites get a little bit more- A little more money and a lot less culpability. They, not Trump, not our glorious business class, are fighting for the well being of Trump voters. Do you know Betsy DeVos is looking to cancel a program that forgives student loans for people who devote ten years or more to public service?

And what has Trump done or even tried to do to help ordinary people? And no, giving a few thousand coal miners their jobs back is just cover for letting coal companies foul our rivers. And maybe the intel agencies and the State Department might be a little bit more aware of how best to fight terrorism than a real estate mogul.

American politics is the only work where everyone assumes experience makes people worse at it. It’s as if 44 plumbers couldn’t unclog a toilet and so we decided to hire a chiropractor instead. Or in the current case, we hired a man who boasts of his ability to clog up the pipes, as he does here.

Lucky for us, there are people who will continue to serve our country despite your contempt for them. Despite the fact that you can’t muster any disgust at insurance companies, investment banks, or corporations that treat their employees and customers and communities with little loyalty and even less conscience.

Just take one moment, and think about all the invisible people who are trying to make our country work a little better, without applause, without riches and without much respect for the work they do.