Your E-commerce Site Must Have This

Do you have or are you planning to launch an e-commerce site for your company? Here are some features to consider including:

Search function: It is important to equip users with a strong search function so that they can find what they are looking for. Many users may visit the site with a specific product in mind. If a user is looking for a specific product but must first scour through dozens of pages of other product offers, they may fatigue or go elsewhere. Make finding what the user is looking for easy and intuitive. Give earnest thought to how you filter and categorize products. Also, keep in mind, users may be prone to misspellings. Be sure to build in an intelligent search engine that provides results/ suggestions even when an item is misspelled.

Incentive: Give your users a reason to buy from you. Consider compelling promotions and offers such as free shipping, big discounts, bogos, etc. Creating urgency always helps, set a time limit on your promotion and give users a reason to act now.

Product reviews: More and more, online consumers are looking for social proof and product reviews to inform their purchase decisions. Encourage users to provide reviews- you may have to give special incentive to do this like free items, discounts, etc.

Mobile responsiveness: Consumers are shopping increasingly online with their phones and tablets. If your site is not mobile responsive, it could create an awkward user experience or result in glitches that prevent the transaction from moving forward.

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