Ever heard of DataBinding? I myself would like to live in a world where every Android developer knows about it. A world where the concept of findViewById and handwritten boilerplate glue code does not exist. Where you can easily tie your data to the UI and forget about updating it in case the data changes.

To achieve this, my fellow developers, I decided to spread the word about a very powerful feature of DataBinding: DEPENDENT PROPERTIES.

“What are dependent properties?” you may ask.

About a year ago, I found this short article by George Mount which introduced a really neat…

This year’s Google I/O introduced an improved version of Material Design to the curious public in Mountain View and across the globe. With the new release a couple of components got a fresh coat of paint but some shiny new elements entered the game too. The tech giant debuted a few new and revamped apps that already reflect the changes in their official design language.

One of their new joiner apps is Tasks, a simple and clean productivity app that integrates well with other G suite apps. I’ve been using it since its release and I really like it.


Arthur Nagy

Android Tech Lead at HalcyonMobile (@halcyonmobile)

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