Boot Camp so far...(Day 2)

After a hectic and daring first day of boot camp, day two get’s here. Having a recap of day one, I was able to accomplish my tasks and got feedback in time to adjust my work for day two. Must say though, the high intensity was mentally enriching.

Day two seems slow, the energy kicks in later after re-reviewing the day’s tasks and updating my pivotal tracker board. It seems weird having the tasks spread out over two days. After breaking them down and reviewing possible ways of handling them, I start to get my hands dirty while trying to learn.

Am able to set up my virtual environment and also set up the flask framework and the other required tools in the environment. As am still new to Test Driven Development(TDD), I still have to read around and watch a couple of videos to be able to write some unit tests for the project features. Well, I do not know why, but time flies when you really get your head down into something. I cannot really spend much time on tests as I also have to plan for the functionality bit and also review how my work will fit in with the flask framework setup.

I have my UML diagrams drawn, so I know the classes needed and how they interact. I only expect the methods and attributes to change as designs change a lot during development. I really do not let the pressure rush me, it is more of a learning process for new tools am using. I hope this large time-frame for the challenge does not lead me to last-minute panic as yesterday.

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