Australian Cold War Warriors

The Secret Aussie History of the Second Malaysian Confrontation

Australian Army Rifle Company Butterworth, Malaysia 1977
Cpl Larry North, Vietnam and RCB Vet.
Snazzy RCB barrack’s furniture. Typical 8/9 RAR hooligans from a previous tour, scribbling on the antique furnishings.
In the treeline directly ahead was a Malay village bordering the Air Base. Photo taken by my barracks.
RCB from the direction that the QRF truck would tear down the road towards you careless of life, limb and government property. Note the two sharpest bends in the road, probably designed to wake up dozy diggers at the very commencement of the wild ride.
The ancient VP Truck. This beast, and perhaps a couple like it, carried 9000 Australian soldiers at dangerous speeds to a possible encounter with the bad guys for almost 20 years. (Photo Credit: Trooper Paul Whiteman, ex 2 Cav who served with C Coy 5/7 RAR at RCB in 1984)
Off-duty RCB Diggers happily awaiting the arrival of the truck taking them to the mess. Looking back, we were really all just stupid kids.
My section gunner, Pte Legge. When off duty on base there was literally nothing to do but await next round of duty.
5 Platoon Sargent, Nick Vidot. By the look of it, somebody was in for it.
The famous 25 meter pistol range situated in the middle of the golf course. An area that we had to patrol in the middle of the night, for some reason?
Butterworth Airbase. Note the old Sabre Jet in the foreground and the Malaysian Northrop F-5s to the top left. At this point in the immediate foreground ambulances would often meet medivac flights collecting Malaysian battlefield causalities.
The author, aged 19, Christmas 1977, RCB Malaysia


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