Grades Don’t Show the Struggle

My mom loves it when I tell her my grades for each semester. “That’s really good sweetie! Just call me if you need any help,” she said in comfort.

What she doesn’t know is how I got to that point. The ups and downs. The extreme downs. You know? A long time ago, I concluded that everyone has some sort or type of addiction. Drugs, sex, control, etc, you name it! No literally you name it… This battle that everyone partakes in is the reason why we’re human. We’re flawed. Our minds have a soft spot for addictive things…

I believe that in the future, there should be a “new social media,” not to impress, not to be jealous of other’s posts, but to help humans convey their struggles. We have the fucking internet you know? I can talk to someone in China. Now that’s whats up. Why don’t we use the internet to improve the well-being of each other. To help one another. It would be a friendly psychology media website where everyone is accepted. Everyone would have it in the future because our attributes like dishonesty and betrayal would not pass on to future generations. This is because our minds would evolve and figure out that there’s no fucking point in pushing ourselves down, we should be comforting each other. The more time that passes, the more we realize that we are alone and need each other. The online friendly psychology social media will incorporate our minds into the mix, maybe through so biotech integration. We will be connected with one another and help each other. The “success” norm will be happiness, not money, not fame, not recognition…

The title of this short talk is just the beginning. Now is when the awareness of the negative effects of schooling begin. Now is when a new type of school is invented. Now is when the change begins.

Grades don’t not show our struggles every day. We need something of each other that represents us, not the good us or fake us. Not a GPA. We need a profile. Of our true selves. Do I hear an app called Truth being launched?

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