What You Do vs. What You Should Do

I need to write about this. Think is a huge struggle in my life. “I know I should do this, but I wanna this,” even though I know that the should do reasoning is more logical. It seems more logical. I believe that this all goes back to my discontent with the massive amount of negative effects that emotion has played a role in my life.

For example, I should be doing calculus homework (I actually just finished it lol) because it will get me to my goal of becoming a mechanical engineer to one day go to Mars for SpaceX but I want to just research everything there is to know about SpaceX and Elon Musk (Founder of SpaceX). I want to shortcut it, whether that be because I just don’t want to do that or in fear that the act of doing the hard work to get to my goal would make me lose my passion. Whatever the reason, it can be assumed that it is some form of procrastination or the natural thinking to take the easy way out.

I should do homework but I want to think solely about my passion because I feel that the massive amount of homework will deter me from my passion. Maybe this isn’t my true passion at all if I’m going to get deterred from my passion because of the hard work.

Also, I have a battle of what my passion SHOULD be vs what my passion COULD be. Sort of the same scenario. My passion should be to help humanity be in a better stage of evolution than if I weren’t born but I sort of want to explore other passions instead. This prompts me to feel that I want to start too young in the career building process. But I feel like I need to start NOW because of the “12 year old MIT student” or “15 year old millionaire b/c of startup.” The struggle is for real. Also, I feel that I need to catch up since I slacked off an had a relationship during high school that took up a lot of my time and emotion.

I personally feel that I should be doing the “what you do” instead of the “what you should do” because then you’ll be happy. Do what you want right now instead of what you think you might need to do. This goes back to the whole being successful passion and how it drives many students like me. But with this passion for success, I am sure to be unhappy when I become successful because I care about the success and not the passion. I believe that you should be driven by your passion, not success, not avoiding failure, not trying to stay in a “safe space,” but to follow YOUR passion. And if you haven’t found that yet, keep looking. You’ll find it soon enough. Don’t let time prevent you from staying in your “What you should do” mindset. Do what you want to do and not what you should do. Just don’t take advantage of that mindset like many of us do, for example, any addiction.