It’s fucking Nazi Germany plus Hotel Rwanda with a dash of Syria, Venezuela and Israel/Palestine, and let’s not forget Bosnia and Croatia, all day everyday since Trump took office.
A lot of hatred, division and fear.
Amber Lisa

And who’s fault is that Amber? Not one thing except who we call president changed that day. Yet you and your progressive cronies act as if a coup d’etat was inflicted upon you. Only it wasn’t a coup just the electoral will of the people, which of course in your hatred you cannot accept. The above blather is evidence enough of your complicity.

Sooner or later you will come to realize what the non hateful already know; it was the Democrats and the DNC that caused that change, which you cannot accept, and your obvious hatred of your fellow countrymen shows in vivid detail. Your behavior shows a complete lack of tolerance or extension of benefit towards any opinion not of your understanding. In other words you’re a hypocrite.

It’s you and your ilk who are acting more like Nazis and Rwanda and Syria with your ad-nauseum ad hominem attacks upon anyone who disagrees with you. Get over yourself.

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