That’s a shame because he put a lot of work into TIP.
Paul Frantizek

Are you talking about the arse formerly known as “Nevermore” and now as something like “Just call me whatever”

When I plug in nevermore now I get at least 1/2 a dozen different people. Or the various fractures of the multiple personalities from the same fragile mind.

I’ll miss him, even though I often disagreed with the vehemence he’d sometimes displayed. I’ll never miss anyone as much as Svetlana, though, except perhaps Ron Collins who I have followed but cannot tag here, because either Medium is such a shitty kludge or they’ve purposely shadow banned him. I’d guess the later.

I came here to learn how to write, but have instead learned more than I ever wanted to know about censorship. This is just another example of why I’m no longer a leftist and why I’ll never join a political party, especially the supposedly Democratic one.