Combating the supposedly omnipotent forces of white racism is the modern left’s raison d’être.
The Nazi Delusion Fantasy
Austin Frank

Austin Frank this is your most powerful writing yet. Beyond the racism, though, is the underlying need to fabricate a meme that will get Trump ousted. The Russian one just wasn’t going to work out. People, even on the left, were beginning to tune out.

The Russian narrative has played itself out, so a newer, scarier, bigger, badder and more extreme villain needed to come forth. Viola, behold “the Nazi”!! The most feared, reviled and revolting creature known to mankind. And it fits very snuggly with the never ending Race Card.

I hope that soon, you’ll do a complete exposé on the Democratic/MSM collusion angle. Clearly, they won’t be satisfied until the bitter taste of defeat can be vanquished with Trumps head on a pike. The whole Kathy Griffin thing wasn’t a joke. More like a Freudian Slip.

Leland LeCuyer

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