The reason why Republicans are skeptical of higher education is because there is a clear link between education and the more liberal ideologies due to an increase in formalized, fact-based, and societal lessons that the average student receives versus those who did not attend or finish a college education.
Republicans are skeptical of higher education because it leads to more liberal-focused policies
Macleod Sawyer

First, I don’t think that there’s a clear link at all. In fact I believe that the whole liberal ideology is not based in education. It is certainly not due to an increase in formalized, fact-based, and societal lessons that the average student receives.

It is mainly due to an increase in haphazard, emotionally based and politicized lessons, which distract and divert attention away from actually attempting to find fact based formal and social truths.

This is exactly why I’m so very grateful to have not attended college and having had to learn to live dangerously as an autodidact. Teaching oneself while interacting with as many smart people as possible, has forced me to continually further my education, instead of spending 4 years or 8 and then never thinking again.

Most undergrads I know don’t remember anything that they were taught, but they believe exactly the same things as they did when they left school. Grad students on the other hand do mostly remember their studies, but their minds are even heavier steel traps. They’re simply unwilling to even contemplate a change in attitude or feeling, which is strange because so much of their belief system is based on their feelings not their knowledge, which is what they went to school to get. Knowledge.

Those college educated act as if its their duty to save others, that some obligation has befallen them to care for, to nurture, to protect, but most of all infantilize those they view as weak, helpless or oppressed. To see others as victims and treat them accordingly; the problem is that they, even though most don’t even see it, think their education makes them better. Literally superior.

Only they’re not superior or better, nor are those people, whom they think require their help, infants who are unable to care for themselves. When you place emotionalism ahead of rationalism you get progressive socialist automatons who believe everybody should be just like them. This is why they advocate so strongly for everyone getting a college degree.

Meanwhile, real work, like laying pipe or lumber or even asphalt is looked down upon by those people who view themselves as too smart, to do such work. Such workers are to be pitied. And then used to further their feelings of moral superiority in order to proclaim them victims or oppressors as the case may be, depending on which way the wind is blowing that day.

We either need less college education or better college education. But since it’s the emotionally indoctrinated progressives, who are more concerned with safe spaces and whether anyone might be offended than truth finding and honest dispassionate inquiry, who are running the show, todays college degree is more about learning what to think instead of how to think.

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