What the hell is wrong with the House Democrats? In their understandable frustration with this year’s election results, some Democrats are taking inexplicable steps that further threaten to diminish progressive power in America.
What the Hell is Wrong with the House Democrats?
Steve Phillips

First let me say that your bias is showing. No I’m not talking about that obvious bias. It’s the other not so obvious bias.

When you, as so many others, place campaigning, ground game efforts, vote pandering and party politics far above the actual responsibly of governing, administrating, legislating and adjudicating you lose the right to lead. Its that simple.

This result was not only predictable but should have been a forgone conclusion for the Democratic Party. When your party has spent the last 50 years caring more about getting elected then in administering the needs of the people, this is the result. And now your party is talking about further abdicating its responsibilities by refusing to do the real work they were hired to do by filibustering, withholding appointments, exc.

The hypocrites of your party have been shouting about obstructionist behavior by Republicans for the last 8 years. Yet, when did President Obama ever give ground, concede an issue or compromise for the greater good of the country. The answer is a resounding ‘virtually never.’ Certainly never on anything of great magnitude, which is why he never got anything accomplished. He was all talk and no action. He won as the result of his great intentions, but now you’ve lost as a result of his non-results. Its the results that matter, not the intent.

This is why you lost. Because all you really care about is the election results. It seems you care more about the pre-election intentions than the actual results of governance.

This statement of yours is all the proof you need for the above statements of fact:

  • “First of all, it’s imperative to remember that Hillary Clinton won 2.5 million more votes than the pseudo-champion of the white working class she ran against. Clinton’s substantial popular vote margin affirms the basic mathematical reality that women and people of color are the majority of eligible voters in America.”

First, she lost by more than 2 million votes if you subtract California. The state where anyone (even millions of illegal immigrants) can get a drivers license (without proof of citizenship) and subsequently became a registered voter. Talk about foreigners influencing our elections.

Consider also, that the splintering of the electorate by various groupings and identities is the Democratic Party way. You don’t really care about all Americans or even America itself, but rather in only catering and pandering. Of the stated enhancement of certain victim groups occurring at the marginalization of certain people such as, oh dare I say it, working class whites (both male and female).

So how does it feel, to find out that middle America is sick of that shit. They want to be represented after the fact. After the election and they most certainly don’t want to be vilified as oppressors. Nor labeled as ‘phobes’ and ‘ist’ or as deplorable. For once try and do what we want after you’re elected; do what “we the people” actually elected you for. We’re tired of hearing what you’re going to do for us (or what your intentions are) rather than seeing you produce actual results that benefit all of us. Because we see no actual efforts on the part of Democrats which result in positive outcomes for the majority or for our country as a whole.

So please go back and write another book. Only this time tell the truth; which is that the Democrats have failed us because they have sought to divide us for the last 50 years and because they want power. The power that comes solely from winning elections.

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