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Have you guys not monitored the the posts appearing here on Medium? Almost all are left leaning, with the majority of those being extremely leftist?

Most all of them (like this one) are attempting to portray the election aftermath as some right wing attack against civil society. But most of us, me included, can see this as nothing more the a concerted effort to undermine the legitimacy of this election. And to cast aspersions on conservatives as being hateful, spiteful and bigoted.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, but I do understand why so many did. They are tired of the left leaning narrative of the mainstream media. The same media that gave us all these polls that were obviously so far slanted. The fact that they were that far off could only mean that there was a concerted effort to skew public opinion. We also know that correct accounting will never be done.

Conservative voices have been given the short shrift for so long people that are sick and tired of hearing the same biased narrative. The constant rapid fire questioning of Trump supporters, the endless labeling (racist, sexist, xenophobic, exc.), the rush to minimize and/or deflect criticism of Hillery.

Yet here you are Pacific Standard, as well as, so many others on Medium who are attempting to distort the real violence caused since day one after the election by the protesting and rioting being done by liberals in cities all across our country. These acts of violence and intimidation are the same methods used by the extreme left since the early 60's on College campuses to intimidate and dissuade contrary opinion and dispel any criticism of thier favored policies.

The only difference today, is now mainstream journalism is so entrenched in pandering to the progressive agenda that they (meaning you) actively attempt to switch the narrative upside down so as to make it appear as though the violence is being perpetrated by the victors, rather than the whining, vitriolic, “not my president” losers. So the reality is that it’s the progressives, including you, who are being hateful, spiteful and bigoted. Not to mention being traitors to the just cause of journalism and the legacy of the 4th estate.

So of course you don’t attempt to engage in real discourse. Instead you attack the other side with all the slanderous labels you can. If you can keep telling all these lies about Trump and his supporters, maybe eventually people will come to believe them as the truth. Isn’t this your real aim?

That’s the real story you wish to keep hidden. That first you worked to slander him to prevent him from becoming President and since that didn’t work you’ll now slander him in an effort to discredit him and portray his presidency as illegitimate.

I have lost all respect for Pacific Standard. I guess it’s true: You reap what you sow.

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