the opponents are mutually helping each other to improve by the very act of attacking each other with the implicit goal of a forced surrender and only one victor.
Nothing wrong with a withering rebuttal, but in some cases it’s better to have some faith that “the…
Rob McGee

In this case however, the victor only appears to win. As is true in much of life, the winner doesn’t even win. In the real world it takes cooperation to win. It takes mutual effort and shared obligation to obtain greater abundance. In order for any to win then all must participate; in other words we all either win or we all lose.

There is no system born of men, that has done as much for man than capitalism. I know that many will disagree but the evidence of several centuries is fairly conclusive. The reason that capitalism receives such disdain is simply because so few truly understand that it is a system that is not organized or structured and therefore cannot be mathematically defined, except thru theory. Mathematical formulas designed to explain the workings of the marketplace are nothing more than hypothetical constructs. [edit] All economists are theorists, whether they are Marxist, capitalist, mercantilist or monarchist. Few however look closely at the human aspect.

Attempts to organize by political means (governmental intervention) the nature of production or exchange or effort or consumption are all prone to failure because they are manipulations of the voluntary nature of exchange where shared cooperation leads to a win win win. Governmental dictates lead to involuntary subservience to a highly structured system that entirely disregards the individual human freedoms necessary to meet their own necessities, desires, aspirations and obligations. With the free market a man’s or woman’s prerogative (free will) to choose the best path forward for themselves and their family is tempered by the virtue of others need wants and desires. No one outcome can then outweigh any other.

Will there be those who try to game the system or manipulate outcomes? It wouldn’t be human nature if that wasn’t the case. But when you attempt to adjust the situation, out of a misguided sense of fairness, particularly thru governmental policy or agency, you’re not just gaming or manipulating-you are altering the free exercise of cooperation. In this instance all you can obtain is a lose lose lose.

I’ll leave it up to you to determine what this has to do with Marshall arts training. Just realize that as a civilized society, you can only win when I do and vice versa. Or the victors only win if we all do. Otherwise it’s all appearances of victory. I wish I could explain further now but I have real life commitments to do some of the above mentioned cooperation.

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