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John, I’m in agreement, as usual, with the overall take on this. However…

These hollywood stars are high school dropouts:

As that may be, I am also a high school dropout and I consider myself to be astute, erudite and intellectual. Of course, I’m also the only dropout I know who reads economics for fun and I have truly earned the education that I have given myself because I never stop educating; either by teaching or learning, listening and reading, absorbing and striving, argument or discernment.

So, in essence not all dropouts are created equal. Otherwise, your points do have a certain validity, at least from my perspective. As an outlier I can see and share your general distaste for being lectured. Particularly from ones who don’t actually know what they’re talking about and who haven’t taken the time to learn anything more than a narrow range of progressive ideology.

However John, I’ve certainly found myself on the receiving end of being lectured to by more highly educated people who’ve attempted to dismiss me based only upon a piece of paper. Do you know how frustrating it is to win arguments with someone who has doesn’t feel the need to acknowledge any point except your pedigree as bestowed by virtue of a degree. This is the real virtue signaling that progressives and liberal democrats use to place a worthiness value judgement upon everyone first. Then if you have said certification then whatever you have to say will at least be given a hearing. Only then will what you say be accepted or dismissed, depending on viewpoint, on the merit. That’s 3 stages I don’t get to go thru in order to argue with someone with a F-ing bachelors degree, never mind a Masters or God forbid a PH’D.

I may not have won any of those battles but I’d most certainly would score a few points. But here in the People’s trifecta (Cambridge, Boston, Brookline) I’m tuned out before I even speak.

So, while I get your point…understand that they should be heard; if for no other reason than to allow them to make fools of themselves. Lord knows I’ve done just that on more than one occasion. It is the exact reason why I’ve sought and continue to learn all I can, even if I have to live my life dangerously as an autodidact.

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