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John we can discuss this rationally. I’m not an ideologue. I know that Austrian economics has its flaws, just as all other forms do.

When you say the voodoo side, it appears to me that you, like so many others who don’t really know or understand the true Austrian perspective, have confused or conflated the Chicago school with the Austrian. While there are commonalities and similarities in the two approaches, the same could be said of the theories of Wilhelm Röpke and the ‘third way’ alongside Ludwig Von Mises and ‘human action’.

In no way are the similarities enough to claim sameness, either in approach or in result. As for religion, my faith is in human necessity, virtue and pragmatism, not mathematical formulas and algorithmic appeal.

I think even Steve Keen, who has skewered almost all prevailing economic thought including Austrian, is a little too enamored with using mathematical equations to explain human desire, necessity and rationality.

While I find a lot to like about his theories, I still find them to be too reliant upon governmental interventions. What we have is a lack of fiscal prudence, of which politicians are among the worst offenders. They act like its their money but they spend it as if they were spending someone else’s…because they are.

Anyway, I have a commitment tonight but I’m open to further dialogue. I’m always looking to learn more.

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