They want to call other people names without being called a name. They want to lump people into categories without being categorized. They want to tell people what they think is wrong with them without being criticized. They want to call people whiners while whining.
Here’s where I think the PC argument gets interesting.

Meg these claims are largely true. Where there is a disconnect between the opposing sides is in the initial, or foundational, vantage-point.

One side views things from the group dynamic or social construction aspect whereas the other sees things from an individual self determination perspective. As one of the latter, and believing you to be more of the former, I can tell you unequivocally that individuals do not like to be expected (told) to conform to some dynamic where they’re expected to atone for the sins of others, due to being secondarily a member of some group.

First because I’m an individual person then a male, then white, then right handed, then…well you get the point. No matter how much any of those relates me to any other group, my individuality comes first, yet I’m expected by certain segments (PCers) of the population to consider only group roles and dynamics as an appeasement. It somehow became incumbent upon me, thru socialization, to rectify that which I did not cause if only just because of my being a cis-gendered white male.

In other words I alone cannot make up for the wrongs done to the entire black race, or female sex, or homosexuals or genders, by those who might share my skin type or sex or gender. Since I, nor any of my ancestors (to the best of my knowledge) have perpetuated any ill will or harmful deed, I. cannot, indeed will not, take responsibility for the actions of others. Whether individual or group. If I didn’t do it then how can I be responsible for it. That’s the question that cannot be answered on an individual basis, but only by group labeling.

I understand that their ancestors, and perhaps even they themselves may have been gravely impacted, encumbered by and inflicted with all sorts of indignities. For this they have my sincerest sympathy and in some cases even my empathy. Individually, one on one, with my sympathy and empathy as my guide is where I can be of maximum benefit to a POC, woman, transgendered person as opposed to attempting atonement to the plurals of these groups.

However the viewpoint from those looking at this as a social construct in need of social engineering, with talk of power dynamics, privilege, patriarchy, exc. view this as the reason that the individual must submit to the collective and be held responsible for sins he (and let’s face it, at the bottom of all perceived ills lies a white male) he has never committed.

So, when all is said and done, PC Culture is really about dragging men thru the dirt, telling them they must conform, while blaming them for problems not of their making, accusing them of power they don’t, and never have had, while simultaneously absolving various collective groups of any responsibility for their own actions. Just because certain males whom are white may have power or prestige doesn’t mean we all do. I certainly don’t. As proof, I’ll bet you that I make less money that virtually anyone else hear on Medium, and that includes the unemployed.

Anyway, I just see it as a perspective clash between the individual and the collective. And it’s the collectivist who demand conformity and who treat the less fortunate groupings as infants unable to care for their own needs without special dispensation, while those perceived to be “privileged” are treated as villains, oppressors and boogie men all rolled into one. The individualists (mostly) just views each person based on their ability, character, talent and cooperation. Of course these are just broad generalizations and not indicative of all or even most of those from each perspective.