Says the man without a face….
Amber Lisa

My handsome good looks have nothing on my intellect, so I choose to focus on the latter.

I’m an autodidact, who still has much to learn, which is why, if I were you I’d quit while behind. You, like I, have no basis for arguing with a trained historian. Particularly regarding European or Western history.

Because what I’ve read of Svetlana, particularly social, political and historical contexts, I can say that you’ve met your match. So lest you be shown up as a dilettante, as I know I would surely be (by knowing the skill of my adversary) should I choose to fence with her, I’d strongly advise against proceeding further.

Thus far you’ve been an adequate foil but this won’t end well for you. You don’t know me but I beg you to trust me on this. Quit now…because you’re in over you head.

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