Do you think we in the majority experience a similar level of abuse as those in minority groups?
Yes, people in the majority experience bullying, and I’ve experienced it.
Chris Waterguy

No, I do not think we experience anywhere near as much abuse. This post however was written to condemn us for being in the majority, while he is basically feeling sorry that he’s not. He’s a man stuck in the morass of self pity, while acting (pretending) as if he doesn’t want pity so that maybe we’ll pity him even more.

Meanwhile, in his writing this diatribe he gets to boost his childish ego and feel superior, by admonishing our efforts or non-efforts to come to his rescue and then by guilt tripping us by asking:

“What do I want? I want you to be a real person now.”

“I want you to take some fucking responsibility. Some moral responsibility. You too are culpable, and crying “but I will stand with you” does not excuse your culpability. It only deepens it. For it tells me that you are not even aware of your own guilt”

He’s just a little boy who refuses to grow up and take responsibility for his own life. No matter how hard and awful the abuse I had to suffer, I’d rather take it standing tall and proud, as a man, then to spend my days pitying my lot in life, blaming everyone else for my insecurities.

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