Climate change is very real.
Lol. So where is the evidence otherwise then? Climate change is very real.
David LeValley

No shit Sherlock. The question isn’t whether climate change is happening, but whether it’s happening naturally or as a result of human activity or both? If its natural, then what exactly can we do about it? If it’s human caused, then by what percentage and again, what can we do about it?

If 40-50 years ago there was scientific speculation that we might be crossing into another ice age, then the warming is a good thing and probably a natural climate variable.

Why are the warmest temperatures of the twentieth century, from the 1930's or the 40 years of constant cooling afterwards routinely ignored. All the models either incorporate temperatures starting from over a century ago or starting from 1979, the end of the coolest period in a century.

Do some research.

Then after you get a clue, come back and tell me how climate change is real.

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