While it is easy to blame the victim when he falls for a con, in this case, I’m not entirely sure we should throw Podesta under the bus for this one.
Podesta’s leaked emails
Chip (Charles) Equins

No. We shouldn’t necessarily blame him for being conned. However, I do believe that he should be held responsible for the content of those emails. What the Wikileaks clearly show is the illegal coordination of the campaign committee with Hillery’s SuperPACs and they also corroborate the Project Veritas videos showing DNC operatives inciting violence, election campaign finance illegalities and voter fraud. Search for James O’Keefe on YouTube for the videos. They are quite revealing. Then look up the Wikileaks. I doubt you or anyone could not say that they (DNC) didn’t try to rig this election.

No matter what you think of Trump, you’d have to be a partisan hack to dispute those facts. I believe that she lost because she was so untrustworthy.

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