Lindy West

Please, please just stop. We didn’t hear any of this bullsh*t from you when President Obama was elected twice. Elected by the votes of many of the same whites who’ve now chosen Trump.

The author just assumes that their’s is the only proper viewpoint. And then there’s Amber Lisa, who offers her own idiotic reply which is either just trolling or is some form of virtue signaling, whereby she refuses to look at those those voting statistics from 8 and 4 years ago in favor of her imagined fantasies of white behavior over that same timeframe. If everything she just posted were true about whites finally just now waking up, then there is no way that Barack Obama gets all those white votes 8 and 4 years ago.

People get tired of hearing how it’s all their fault, how they’re the problem, when they’ve busted their asses trying to make a better life for themselves and others, including blacks, then to not even be told that “it’s not enough”. No that would be too gracious. Too dignified. No! No it’s absolutely not enough to care, no you have to take responsibility! You have to take the fall! It has to be your fault! Well, guess what progressives, THATS YOUR FAILURE!

To hear you all talk, everything was absolutely perfect right up until the night of the election. The DNC wasn’t rigging the primaries nor were they illegally coordinating with Hillery ‘s SuperPAC nor was John Podesta giving out his online credentials to unknown hackers and President Obama wasn’t telling rallies that Hillery was the most qualified person to ever run for President (including Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, exc.). No, everything was perfect.

The bottom line is that you are all so scary, with your lack of self composure, self restraint and self discipline. Add to those character flaws the hypocrisy on display, that all progressives from President Obama all the way down to you (the lowest common denominators), in believing that somehow the Russian’s hacked the election based solely on vastly weaker circumstantial evidence, presented by the CIA, than was given a to the UN claiming WMD’s as justification to invade Iraq.

Many of you didn’t believe the CIA then but believe them now unequivocally. Why? Because you’re hypocrites. Because you don’t care about the truth, only your agendas. It’s only a conspiracy theory when done by Republicans, but otherwise, when done by Democrats it’s justified righteous, in everybody’s best interest, socially moral behavior.

Aren’t you tired of your self pity yet?

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