This destruction usually does not express itself in formal policy, but rather in changing of the culture, of education, etc. Hence “socialism” and anti-family results are connected but only because they have the same underlying moving force today.
Unfortunately, we’re now at the point of an argument about the definition of “socialism”, which is…
Progressive Reformation

Socialism can indeed take a number of forms. However I tend to disagree with the concept that certain forms aren’t as destructive of the nuclear family. I believe that certain forms may better mask the damage they cause, but cause it they still do. The problem might just appear to be imperceptible due to one cause or another but taken in the fullness of time it is clear that the more socialist a society becomes the the weaker the family unit becomes.

Take for example your very next statement after the above quote.

But it wasn’t always this way. In the 1950s, “socialism” in the US was strongly allied with traditionalism and the family, thanks to the labor unions.

By all appearances this time seems to have had a very cohesive family lifestyle. Dig a little deeper though and the tiny fissures and miniscule cracks caused by a half century of increasing socialist policies, including ‘the New Deal’ and Trumans follow up ‘the Fair Deal’ in response to the Great Depression which exacerbated it and destroyed countless lives.

Its no mystery why divorce has risen virtually every year since the end of World War II including the 50's in the U.S. As such, I firmly believe (and it’s just my belief) that the effects of certain socialist attitudes, such as labor unions or public schooling, may have a smaller impact than more radical social policy. However a smaller impact is not the same as no impact.

Beyond just the smaller impact, I believe, is the time aspect. Certain types of policies will have either faster or slower effects and that as such, those slower ones effects may be so gradual as to be virtually indistinguishable due to the incremental advance.

An anecdotal example is that my paternal grandfather walked out on a wife and 7 kids during the depression. No divorce, no agreed separation, he just walked away. As a result my father, who was apparently most like him in looks and manner, was ostracized by his siblings. As a result I have no direct knowledge of the whereabouts of my aunts, uncles and cousins at any point in the last 25+ years.

My general overarching point is that, due to ever increasing socialist sensibilities over the course of an entire century, the effects of something like unionization may have taken that long to become visible. But it took a long time for that entropy to become the rule instead of the exception. The family is going down and it’s taking civilization with it. The lack of courtesy, manners, respect (self or other) and a general malaise of civility in society are all hallmarks of a disjointed, dysfunctional family upbringing. As is the people pleasing, self-absorbed, self-righteous moralizing attitude against any individuality.

Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated. We are Borg. We will add your distinctiveness to our own. Star Trek TNG 2200AD or is it the USA circa 2017.