Your writings of today bear no resemblance to the destructive brain cell damage of the past indiscretions.
Arthur. I am shocked. Thoroughly shocked about your wayward misspent youth!
Jay Parker (I)

Thank you. You know, I’ve always had an fertile active, if addictive, mind. But I’ve also always been somewhat aloof. And a daydreamer. Being and staying focused has always been a huge difficulty for me.

Somehow my youthful indiscretions didn’t hurt me as much as they could have. I think, given some of what I’ve seen first hand, that I just got really lucky, or someone above (a power greater than me) really is caring for me.

This is/was part of what kept me from accomplishing as much with my life as you and you wife did. It is also what gives me the empathy, to feel so strongly the suffering you’re enduring, thru no fault of your own, with your financial instability.

So what some might view as a curse, I view as a blessing. As the Buddhist might say; there is no suffering, only opportunity.

Times have really changed.

Yes. An entire family could survive (thrive even) on a single pay check. Children didn’t have to go to college in order to have an incredible rewording and fulfilling life. And so much more…man we’ve really managed to mess things up.

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