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The politically correct are entirely the reason for the breakdown, not only of the family but of the entire social order. They are the ones for whom social unrest was the appropriate method for the airing of grievances in the 60's & 70's when they sought to “fight the power”. Now that they have the power they’re 100 times…err 1000 times…err, umm 100,000 times as bad as the bourgeoisie they attacked with their non-negotiable demands.

They aren’t the source of their rebellion though. No, the source came many decades prior with the labor unrest of the Gilded Age. While the robber barons, most likely, gave too little and took too much, they helped transform out country from a second rate economic power to the greatest economic powerhouse; outstripping even the wealth generated by imperialism.

Outstripping all the imperial monarchies of England, czarist Russia, imperial Japan, the faded but huge Chinese Dynasty and the Austrian-Hungarian and Turkish Ottoman empires in the span of about 50 years and it all was due to the increase in material wellbeing brought about by the barons.

This is why we are still the envy, to this day, of the world. At least economically. This is in spite of all the damage and retardation done politically, socially, morally, ethically and educationally for over a century of progressive activism.

It always comes back to economics for me. This is because economics is the equivalent to a canary in a coal mine. The gilded age was proof that peace and order follow prosperity. Were the masses trampled? Did the bourgeoisie put their boot upon the necks of the proletariat? Was inequality rampant?

The answer is a definite…probably. But so what. The economic growth for the masses was greater, in that age, than at anytime in the past and if you look at the entire world it was the greatest of all time. Yet the progressives rioted over their good fortune.

They’ve been trying to undermine the natural order of a civilized mankind for over a century. As long as men are not allowed to be men and take responsibility, including taking charge as necessary, for the wellbeing of their families and that responsibility is instead shifted to the State, our society shall suffer. Most of all economically. The canary is dying and, as you put it, progressivism is the chief cause of it.

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