Seven long reads of civil, intelligent debate prompting research published by seven of those right journalists most haven’t heard of (well, save for Erick Erickson and Ben Domenech, both of whom have been run in the New York Times and have tens of thousands of followers) posted in the members-only section of Medium on Thursday afternoon.
The Problem Plaguing Conservative Media
Leslie Loftis

The problem I have with this is the members-only sectioning. Im not going to pay to write. Here or anywhere else. Not going to happen.

Now, if you look at my profile you’ll see that I haven’t published a single stand alone piece. This is because I am still attempting to improve upon my skill and to further my understanding of the full range of thought and opinion and my relation to them. Much to my surprise and great delight I’ve found a nice contingent of conservative as well as libertarian voices here.

I however cannot continence the need to pay Medium in order to hear (and read) those voices. I came here to learn from good writers, in order, that one day I might become one myself. This in the hope that one day I might even write a book or three. Writing that I hope I’d be paid for. The writer should get paid, not the platform; especially not from the writer.

Medium will never really care about the conservative voice or even the true liberal voice as long as they’re wedded to Stinkin Regress err…umm…I mean Think Progress and other socialist inspired writers’ platforms.

Love the Iron Ladies. Thank you for introducing me to still more reasoned and nuanced thinking women. Here in the triumvirate of Boston, Brookline and Cambridge its hard to find any contrary opinion at all. Much less find delightfully articulated higher level reasoning as only truly astute conservative women can deliver.

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