until you even see that it exists and that the effort continues to this day, and it has absolutely “infected” your thinking (my word… probably not theirs. They would consider you “enlightened” :)
Right, but how do you do that when you intentionally set up an intellectual structure designed to…
Ryder Spearmann

There it is. Most politicalization is done thru the subtle inference of linguistics manipulation. The reality is infection but progress depends upon it being understood as enlightened. Because infections are considered bad and are to be avoided, another word, one less innocuous, seeded with positive connotations needs to be employed and then emphasized to the nth degree.

Think progressivism. Who couldn’t be for progress. Everyone from economist to soccer moms are for progress. Even when progressivism is regressive, which is most of the time, due to the retardation or depreciation of some less favored group in order to advance a more favored one, progressives will point to scientific and technological advancement as proof of the betterment of their theology. In this theological way science is their God and technology is their taskmaster, teacher, lover and weapon.

No matter how little actually gets accomplished socially, the rapidity of change thru technology alters the social construct and compact, therefore progress always wins. It wins so much that its now often vilified, by those who would use it simultaneously as proof of the soundness of progressive theory and the inherent evil nature of conservative and capitalist thought.

Rather than digress into the hypocritical ways of progressivism, I want to simply reiterate that the very nature of the English language is in danger of rhetorical misappropriation as aptly professed by George Orwell.

As I mentioned in a previous comment; intersectionality was born precisely because of the fracturing of the individual into a multitude of identities, often in conflict, and the need to address all those multiple yet distinct personalities that the disorder of identity politics infected people into recognizing as separate issues. Each of those issues form a plethora of new subdivisions each requiring a new identity and therefore all new avenues of oppression and all new villains. All because; how can you have the victimization of identity politics without having an opponent of the oppressive variety.

Therefore a person cannot be a victim of just one oppression but of a multitude. At least one for each identity plus additional ones for all the various intersections. You know…the place where all those identities meet. The individual. So now the ID Police can claim multiple infractions against each of the identities inherent in the individual.

So now the SJWs can claim victory for the individual, in all their intersectionality, now too, while proclaiming that they speak for every identity, save one. White males. Okay, maybe two. Also White women who disavow feminism and pro-choice.

The progressive wordsmiths are continuing to craft their new English language by employing terms such as the relatively new usage of privilege. Yet another word that is applied only in an omnidirectional fashion. This new language is more properly known as Doublespeak.

Amber Lisa

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