Probably not read because he’s boring. When I talk about writers, I’m largely talking about fiction writers, not simply educated individuals who write books. They’re not writers.
Probably not read because he’s boring.
Amber Lisa

This sentiment is precisely why I rarely ever read fiction. Those authors may be writers but most are entirely one dimensional. They’re predictable, there’re boring and most of all implausible. Yet they don’t offer the tension, the highly unlikely unpredictability of real life.

No one could’ve written a more spellbinding, cliffhanging twist you into knots than what we witnessed, together, this last election cycle. That’s why history is always more fascinating than fiction. As the adage states: Truth is stranger than fiction.

Even though we may be in opposition (not really since I’m much more moderate than you seem to understand). That’s why I, like you, consider myself a liberal. Not a progressive, but a classical liberal, who has no desire to conserve (maintain) the progressive cultural and social processes that rob people of their individual rights in search of ‘equality for all'.

Now of progressives looked for ‘justice for all’ then I’d stand right there along side you, but you don’t. Worse of all is that most, not necessarily you, like you don’t seem to understand the very real difference between justice and equality. How the two are not the same and are not interchangeable. Justice is about what is right but not always about what’s fair and is almost certainly never, in any sense, is it about equality.

I get to a point where I don’t even resist the labels you determinedly throw upon me, because in truth my thought processes are close to what you call “liberal” — which simply means free.

Those labels are just a reflection of the labeling that most progressives throw out at dissenting opinion. The obvious reasons are to silence and intimidate through character assassination. Only those insulting labels come back, like a boomerang, to the original throwers.

For instance, every time you bring up race, even if you don’t mean it in an accusatory manor, it is heard as such because of the racist tag which has been (rightly or wrongly) applied the very instant that a rebuttal, even just to play Devils advocate, is uttered. All discourse must stop. Only your perspective and perception is allowed any legitimacy.

For you not see that stifling of expression, shutting up of opinion, can only lead away from the truth; Or reconciliation; Or real true justice for you and all blacks, is simply baffling. As I’ve said in another conversation with you; maybe all white men cannot be “woke”, but if that’s the case then when we are all silenced who will you have left to blame. You see silence doesn’t Chang anything, it only makes things worse. Then we both wind up with a President we didn’t want, because the only safe place (talk about safe spaces) to exercise their voices of frustration is in the polling and voting booths.

The answer that came back was clearly ‘none of the above’. None of the establishment, either Republican or Democrat, were trusted to allow those voices to be heard. I’m not saying it’s right and I’m certainly not condoning it; I’m simply saying that is what it is.

Do you know what I said when Barack Obama was first elected. “He’s got no practical experience. How could they elect someone so unqualified and with so little experience?”

Yet 8 years later we have just elected someone with zero political experience, because having previously elected someone whose qualifications were less than optimal, we decided to double down. And these people did it (the irrational) for the most rational of reasons. They have been disaffected and left without a means of expression.

The last time that happened in America, it lead to a ‘Declaration of independence’ and a new nation, due mostly to a lack of representation and a lack of redress. This seeming (current) lack of representation and redress is precisely why we have a President Trump.

This is why I mostly read non fiction. Because fiction is often a poor imitation of the really good stuff called life and the truth. The attempts to fictionalization the truth is why we are where we are. Of this I am fairly certain.

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