But I have a more natural inclination to learning as much as I can, and I believe that college teaches those skills that I got so happily from my parents and environment but most people don’t.
I have edited this fifty times, I mean this as an example and not to boast because it has not been…
Macleod Sawyer

Well I did not get that, although my parents certainly tried to give me some of that. They just didn’t have the resources or connections to avail more to themselves or their children.

Top that off with the fact that I really wasn’t that ambitious. Plus I lacked discipline and esteem. Throw fear and feelings of inadequacy into the mix and you’ll understand why I’m attempting to give myself the education I should’ve had as a young man.

This better late than never process has afforded me a chance, though, to experience life in a wholistic fashion as an individual wholly responsible for my own self care. My education is a part of that care.

The road less traveled does have its benefits, even if pitfalls abound. The biggest benefit is that I question everything. Especially anything I think I know. How many college kids can say the same.

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