The Great Divide
Mateja Klaric

When did we lose the middle way?

We lost the middle way when we let progressives take over true Liberalism and begin to push socialist policy i.e. government intervention.

And Rick Fisher is absolutely correct in his assessment because in order to push Socialism Marxism communism or whatever other from that deals with social issues there needs to be an enemy. In the early years following Marxist traditions in which capitalists a.k.a. the robber barons, were made the enemy, while humanism and progressivism started us on the long road to forming the largest corporation and monopoly in the world now. It is known as the United States government and this is run behind the scenes by the shadow government known as the Federal Reserve which is nothing more than a cartel of banks from all around the world being run out of Wall St.

Since the end of World War II the bankers and their puppet politicians could no longer vilify the corporate interest that they were so beholden to for campaign contributions, so a new boogie man needed to be found and easy patsy was the lower middle-class, working class white man. The latest slur inflicted upon innocent is the label ‘white nationalist’ or ‘white separatist’.

You, like so many hundreds in the last week, are the real problem because you keep questioning us when it was the progressives like you who have all along for over a century now, who have been accusing anybody but yourselves. I did not vote for Trump, but I have indeed been called all sorts of names, simply because I don’t tow the White guilt line. So I can tell you unequivocally that we are sick of having the same tired erroneous and insulting stuff inflicted upon us. So you if you don’t get the reconciliation you wish for, take a good hard long look in the mirror.

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