We may yet never recover from the extensive damage he did, to the nation, to the world, to his party (or both of them, it turns out), to the Christian faith and to the conservative world view.
Ronald Reagan a “great president”, MY ASS.
Ron Collins

While I share a great deal of the same sentiments about Ronald Reagan I fear that all those ills you describe so articulately were just the manifestations, or if you will fruitions, of a great many malfeasances perpetrated by cartoon actors playing President, Legislator, Congressman, Senator and Justice for decades prior.

It is in my mind LBJ and Nixon who destroyed all economic progress, sold down the river all the future generations, particularly the elderly thru appropriation of the Social Security trusts, followed by the young who are now forever indebted to the bankers thru the conversion of money into currency into debt by removing the anchor of any legitimate material monetary standard. When we’d left the 50's for Camelot it marks the last and perhaps only time in our nations history where everyone was culturally, socially and materially more well off and at least in terms of respect more sensitive and serene.

When we disagreed, we did so civilly and magnanimously. LBJ harpooned that and Nixon took a clever to it. Our nations civilization died in the 60's and in the 70's was split into waring factions culturally, socially and monetarily. Everyone had a cause but no one had a clue. Particularly the bureaucratic and political classes. They capitulated to violence on the campus by lowering their standards but thought that they’d elevated their stature. All the while they lost sight of who really got things done. Hint, it wasn’t done by getting a degree.

The whole 20th century was us throwing away the hard won blessings bestowed upon us by, first our founding fathers and then our forefathers of the latter 19th century. Still when WW2 ended we were the only fully functioning democracy and the world economy. Yet in less than 25 years that all had been squandered. By Democrats and Republicans alike. Its no wonder that they heap all sorts of praise upon Ronny Ray-Gun. He managed to convince them of the illusion that we were still living in the American Century. One that never really existed. But he believed, so we did too. After the 60's & 70's I think most Americans would believe in anything, if it meant not acknowledging the reality that our leaders, each and every one, had feet of clay while thinking they were legends. It was unfortunately only in their (our elitist establishment) own minds.