Amber Lisa

Woo-hoo one data point and you’re jumping for joy. There’s just one problem. No one knows for sure. See here:

  • The hell they ain’t. It happens all day everyday where I live. Immigrants are viciously attacked and targeted just for being here

Do you have any factual evidence. And I don’t mean accusations from the Southern Poverty Law Center or some such. I mean real evidence, such as police reports. I only ask because I don’t believe most of what I hear from the lamestream press.

  • Well I don’t know what Jews and Christians your paling around with, but over here, they get pretty judgmental and want to change lots of things …Roe v. Wade for one, and that’s getting really nasty.

Yeah, let’s talk about one of the worst pieces of jurisprudence ever, whereby the fate of a unborn heart could be decided on a foundational claim of ‘privacy’. Yeah that’s an rational judgement of impeccable morality and ethical behavior. To be held right up there with the Constitution now being seen as a living document, to be changed at any time, merely through the interpretation of unelected judges. Yeah that was surely the intent of the framers.

Its no wonder that Svetlana is just toying with you. You do understand that if she wanted to she could destroy you. Whereby destroy, I mean absolutely humiliate you.

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