I could post links to cops killing black people and the BLM protests that follow…and to hear most White Americans tell it, black people are the radical violent ones. So there are two sides to every issue.
Yes crime is going to happen every day on a continent.
Amber Lisa

Wow you really are delusional, aren’t you. You bring in this outrightly provable lying nonsense of blacks being targeted for death by the police. Now if you say targeted for criminality or drugs possession then we’d be in agreement. The war on drugs is one of the worst things to happen to blacks. But you must realize that Bill Clinton doubled down on it and Dubba and Obama haven’t done anything to change it. So if the first Black President hasn’t done anything about it, then it must make you wonder…

As for the BLM Movement, if a single group of white people protested one tenth as much as the BLM people, the SJW such as yourself would be 100 times more up in arms, claiming racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. So again…it’s got to make you wonder…what is it that you believe in, that isn’t somehow contradictory with your other beliefs.

As the old C&C Music Factory song goes — things that make you go hmmmm

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