Hello, I apologize if you cannot tell I am very new to Medium.

Yes, I too found Medium confusing at first and there are still things that either baffle me or don’t work as I expect them to.

You quoted this from Umair: “You will grow as person when you come to face your moral shortcomings in this life. That is true for each and every human soul. For that is when and only when the human heart reclaims its moral agency, its humanity, its freedom, its worth. Not just in my eyes, but in your own.”

Note that he said ‘you’, not I or even we. It’s only about others. He does then say “true for each and every” but then finally “Not just in my eyes, but in your own.” Note how he wants your eyes to see exactly as his do. You see, if you look at his attitude, he is referring solely to others, not himself as being unworthy in their moral conscience. For he views his perspective as righteous, holier than thou and infallible. All others must live up to his moral perfection, lest they be accused of not standing with him and thereby automatically being culpable in someone’s victimhood.

You stated: “To answer your question in the post. Umair didn’t seem to be in the perpetual state of despair”. Then you say I’m cynical.

But that’s not the question I asked. I asked nothing about dispair. What I asked is “What attitude was Umair embracing? That’s not cynical but instead a rational questioning of perspective and how a distorted emotional tirade is neither wise nor moral. The question was simply about a misplaced objective based upon an attitude of self righteous hostility. Be moral, like me or else face my wrath.

Intellect, for me, must be tempered by morality. I believe that Umair feels the same way. But here’s where we differ. Before being tempered It must first be forged by conscience and attitude. This is why I pointed out the essentials of love, empathy and humility.

His entire post, contrary to your opinion, doesn’t leave him as a hero but as a pompous, dictatorial tyrant telling everybody else what their moral conscience should be. Based solely on what he believes. Nobody else gets a say in what their hearts, conscience or intellect tells them; no they must defer to the almighty Umair. You say that “Umair wants us all to look deeply at the content of our character and overcome our problems”. But I ask you what about the content of his character?

Talking down to, from a place of self pity and in the most condescending manner possible is not noble and shouldn’t win him any glory, since it doesn’t win it for anyone else. Certainly not his country since he claims that he doesn’t want to hear that “I’ll stand with him” which is exactly what I would’ve done had he not insulted, attacked and vilified mine, yours and everybody else’s integrity.

He lost an ally when he questioned others morals as if only he was morally qualified to judge others failings. Particularly because he won’t even look at his own. Isn’t this is why hasn’t he responded to defend his indefensible position?

Because then he’d have to look at his own moral failure to adjust his attitude to one of love, empathy and humility.

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