“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others.
It is unfortunately on all our combined heads.
Stephen Corsaro

Yes, to some degree this is true. We all share some interdependency. For instance, who isn’t feed by their mother as an infant. Also, who among us doesn’t require nurturing and the love of another.

But, acknowledging those facts, who among us doesn’t also have ‘free will’? I know that in certain intellectual circles, there are those who dispute that; who believe that choices we make are only of the illusion of our will. I for one, do not subscribe to that. I know that I have Free Will because I have exercised it.

Have I been fenced in to certain situations not of my choosing? Yes. Have some of my actions been dictated by others…such as employers? Yes. Have I also said to myself fuck this and moved on? Yes again.

So, if you’re saying that we need human companionship and as a result we need to take some level of responsibility for the wellbeing of each other, I can certainly concur, but if you’re saying we don’t have choices and that we’re complicit in any action taken by others due to a lack of free will…buddy you can count me out.

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