How to Play and Win Superlotto Plus

Arthur Sweet
May 3 · 3 min read

A lot of people in California are fond of lotteries because they promise a chance of winning huge amounts of money to change a person’s life. One of the many lotteries in the state thay people can participate in is Superlotto Plus. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

It is easy to learn how to win this lottery. You just have to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 47. After choosing 5 digits from 1 through 47 that you would like to have for Superlotto Plus, what you have to do next is just give the play slip to the retailer so thay the ticket will be printed out. The price you have for 1 set of 5 numbers picked for every draw is $1.00 only. But, you have an option to select the advance play option, which allows you to play exactly the same 5 numbers you have picked for 20 draws. This is helpful for people to save energy and time in always standing in line and waiting for their turn to purchase 1 ticket for the draw in one day. Here’s a good read about lottery, check this site out!

You should always keep in mind to check the prited out tickets first before you leave the outlet to be sure that the ticket indicates correctly and completely all the 5 numbers you have chosen. As soon as you are through all these steps, you should sign the back of your tickets to give it security and to prevent it from falling on somebody else’s hands who might claim it later on as theirs in case your numbers will win the jackpot. There are 2 draws each week of California Superlotto Plus which is held every Wednesday and Saturday at exactly 7:57 in the evening.

There are two options for the winner to claim his/her prize if ever his/her combination get drawn and wins the jackpot prize. The winner can either claim for the lump sum amount of his or her prize or go with the modified option payment scheme wherein the jackpot prize can be claimed in 26 graduated annual payments. If the winner will prefer to claim the lump sum amount of the prize, which is mosy likelu around 45 percent to 55 percent of the jackpot prize, the amount the winner will receive will be subjected to US federal tax, which is equal to 25 percent for US citizens and 30% for those who are non-residents.

If the winner will opt to collect the prize in graduated annual payments, it will also be subjected to US federal tax on an annual basis and it will have varying rates every year. Generally speaking though, there are no taxes due from lottery winnings. The benefit from choosing a long term payout is that the winner will have time to think of and have good financial plans as he or she will receive the payouts. Thus, this enables the winner to have better financial security along the way. Though it may not sound so appealing to have a 26-year payout because it seems like a very long time, the most question asked though is what will happen in case the winner dies before all the annual payments were given? The answer to this is simple. The winner can file a trust form anytime so they can indicate who they wish to be their beneficiaries or trustees. And so, in the event that the winner will die before the 26-year period is completed, the payouts will continue and will be received by the heirs identified on the trust form. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

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